Ask Dr. Rin! (anime)
Kanji Dr.リンにきいてみて!
Romaji Dr. Rin ni Kiite Mite!
Studio Nippon Animation
Studio Comet
Network TV Tokyo
Original Run March 5, 2001 – February 25, 2002
Starring Saeko Chiba (Kanzaki Meirin)
Takayuki Sorita (Yuuki Asuka)
Yuuto Kazama (Tokiwa Takashi)
Yumi Kakazu (Shijou Banri)
Hidenobu Kiuchi (Eddy Tsukioka)
Episodes Episode 1Episode 51

Ask Dr. Rin! (Dr.リンにきいてみて! Dr. Rin ni Kiite Mite!?) is a Romantic-Comedy Magical Girl anime and manga series. The shoujo manga by Kiyoko Arai was part of the shoujo magazine Ciao, published by Shogakukan.

An anime adaption was produced by Nippon Animation, and the first episode premiered on TV Tokyo on March 5, 2001. The show ran from then to February 25, 2002, consisting of 51 episodes, in total.


Kanzaki Meirin uses her feng shui powers to read people's fortune and give advice on good luck. She creates a website under the pseudonym "Dr. Rin" to give fortunes to people over the net. Meirin is in love with her childhood friend, Yuuki Asuka, who doesn't believe in feng shui and fate, so using her powers of feng shui and her hakke crystal, she saves him from mysterious and paranormal events that almost take his life away.

Production StaffEdit

  • Director: Shin Misawa
  • Script: Atsushi Maekawa
  • Storyboard: Yusuke Yamamoto
  • Episode Director: Yusuke Yamamoto
  • Music: Takanori Arisawa
  • Original Manga: Kiyoko Arai
  • Character Design: Takahisa Ichikawa
  • Theme Song Performers: Ai Maeda


Main CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


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